Science Projects on Water Waves?

Answer Simple science projects can demonstrate to grade-school students how waves in and on the water occur in response to an outside force. Projects conducted in the classroom or at home by students for ... Read More »

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Science Projects: How Do Light Waves Travel?

By definition, light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that travels in waves. Visible light is the portion of electromagnetic radiation that can be seen by the human eye. Several types of ele... Read More »

Science Projects for Water?

Water has no color, smell or taste yet it is necessary for all living things. It is the only substance that appears naturally in the three states of gas, solid and liquid. Take advantage of this wh... Read More »

Science Projects for Splitting Water?

Splitting water, normally using a process known as electrolysis, means to separate the Hydrogen and Oxygen in water. Electrolysis is not as hard as you might think and is a good, safe science proje... Read More »

Science Projects on the Density of Water?

Density can be thought of as a measure of how much mass there is in an object or substance, such as water. Density is equal to mass times volume, so it is a comparison between an objects' mass and ... Read More »