Science Projects on Tiger Barbs?

Answer Tiger barbs are small, tropical freshwater fish readily found in many pet shops, and a group of five tiger barbs can be maintained in a 15 gallon tank comfortably. This makes tiger barbs an interes... Read More »

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How many tiger barbs can i put in a 50 gallon aquarium?

The general rule is that for every gallon of water the tank can hold 1 to 2 inches of fish. Tiger barbs grow to an average length of 2.5 inches. Therefore, a 50-gallon tank can hold about 10 to 20 ... Read More »

Tiger Science Fair Projects for the Fifth Grade?

In the fifth grade, students should have a basic concept of the ecosystem, cells, cellular structure, explain how fossils help identify animals from the past and how animals adapt to their environm... Read More »

Ideas for Reading Fair Projects on the Book "Tears of a Tiger"?

"Tears of a Tiger" was published in 1994 and was written by Sharon M. Draper. The story depicts an African American teenager who caused his best friend's death as a result of drunk driving. "Tears ... Read More »

High School Science Fair Projects Involving Forensic Science?

In forensic science, high school students learn the elements of a criminal investigation and how the science is applied in court. Science projects about forensic science hold many possibilities. St... Read More »