Science Projects on Salt & Its Effects?

Answer Science is all around us -- even a basic, everyday food item, like salt, holds powerful scientific properties. Grab your salt shaker and engage children in the wonder of scientific exploration by p... Read More »

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Salt and Egg Science Projects?

Raw eggs and salt are used in an experiment to prove the theory of floatation. There are several ways to conduct this experiment, but each time the outcome is the same. The egg floats in saltwater ... Read More »

Science Projects With Salt Water?

The majority of the planet is covered in saltwater. The substance, a simple solution of sodium chloride (salt) in hydrogen oxide (water), is an important ingredient for life on earth, and it makes ... Read More »

Science Projects With Salt to Float an Egg?

Eggs are for more than eating. With just salt and water, eggs can turn into fun science projects. There are different science projects using salt, water and a raw egg. With enough salt, you can flo... Read More »

Science Projects Using Vinegar, Salt & Water?

Although most students see science projects as another school requirement they have to fulfill, it is still a golden opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge and experience not only in the world of... Read More »