Science Projects on Music Vs. Noise?

Answer While some people might disagree on what is music and what is noise, those arguments are usually just a matter of taste. Actually, there is a considerable scientific distinction between the two. Th... Read More »

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Music Science Projects?

There are many music-related science projects for students. Most involve looking at how music affects human or animal behavior. Some look into the relationship between math and music or how playing... Read More »

Science Projects Dealing With Music?

Each year, students present the results of their independent research and experiments at school science fairs. Completing such projects helps students become familiar with the scientific method whi... Read More »

Science Projects With Dance & Music?

Cross-curricular activities are popular with teachers and recently a government-encouraged way of promoting different areas of learning through various subjects. For example, the push for literacy... Read More »

7th Grade Science Projects on Music?

Science fair projects encourage children to think logically and to use a process to find out whether their theories are correct or not. Seventh graders are ready to start putting together science p... Read More »