Science Projects on Magnetic Force?

Answer Magnetism is one of the most basic forces in our universe. Students can learn about magnets and magnetism by experimenting with different enlightening activities. These activities will demonstrate ... Read More »

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Magnetic Science Projects for Science Fairs?

Magnets have two ends, one positive and one negative that cause magnets to attract or repel other items that contain magnetic properties. The positive end will automatically attract anything with m... Read More »

Science Projects: Magnetic Fields?

Magnets are fascinating for all ages, and have scientific applications that can be displayed in science projects. From basic demonstrations of how magnets work to to complex experiments that involv... Read More »

Science Projects on Simple Machines, Force & Motion?

Simple machines allow you to exert a single force and do work involving the motion of objects. You can do different projects to see how simple machines work, and you can also adjust variables to te... Read More »

Physical Science Projects That Move Objects by Exerting Force?

A force is a push or pull on an object. We come into contact with numerous forces every day, most of which we're so used to that we don't even think about them. Some examples of these forces inclu... Read More »