Science Projects on Heavy and Light Objects Falling at the Same Rate?

Answer Maximum velocity is the fastest speed at which an object will fall. Maximum velocity is the same for every item, despite size and weight. You can prove this point by performing an experiment in whi... Read More »

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Physical Science Projects That Move Objects by Exerting Force?

A force is a push or pull on an object. We come into contact with numerous forces every day, most of which we're so used to that we don't even think about them. Some examples of these forces inclu... Read More »

First Grade Science Projects on Identifying the Basic Properties of Objects?

First grade can be an exciting but overwhelming time for young students, so it is best to begin their scientific education in the most gentle way possible. Simple experiments and projects are an ef... Read More »

Science Projects for Light?

The science of light is an interesting topic that can involve a wide range of projects or activities in the classroom. Properties such as color in visible light demonstrated through rainbows, how l... Read More »

Science Projects on Mixing Light?

Light is an important concept in astronomy, physics and technology. Students can discover principles of light and color mixing through scientific experimentation. These projects explore concepts of... Read More »