Science Projects on Fire and Glass?

Answer Science experiments can teach us about the natural world and how it operates. They can help us understand how fire works and how it affects and is affected by the environment around it. Glass is of... Read More »

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Science Projects on Fire & Air?

Students are taught at an early age to stop, drop and roll in case of fire. Another important fact that children should know is that a fire needs air to burn. If it is explained or demonstrated how... Read More »

Colored Fire Science Projects?

Everyone is familiar with the most common colors of flames. These include yellow, orange and red. Some may have noticed other colors as well, especially when they burn logs in their fireplaces that... Read More »

Science Projects for Growing Plants Under Glass?

Altering the surrounding environment of vegetation is an effective way to test plant growth. By placing plants under glass, scientists can control and measure the amount and type of oxygen, carbon ... Read More »

Fire Extinguisher Science Fair Projects at Home?

Fire extinguishers are a common example of science at work in our everyday lives, and this familiar lifesaving tool can be put to use for science fair projects that demonstrate principles of chemis... Read More »