Science Projects on Extracting Iron from Water?

Answer When iron is in the ferrous form and is dissolved in water, the metal ion is invisible to the naked eye. Though it doesn't cause any health problems, it can change the taste of water. High iron con... Read More »

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Science Projects on Iron Filings?

Iron filings are shavings of iron that can be used to conduct a variety of science projects and experiments. Because iron is magnetic, it lends itself to science projects involving magnetism. Iron ... Read More »

Science Projects for Water?

Water has no color, smell or taste yet it is necessary for all living things. It is the only substance that appears naturally in the three states of gas, solid and liquid. Take advantage of this wh... Read More »

Science Projects for Splitting Water?

Splitting water, normally using a process known as electrolysis, means to separate the Hydrogen and Oxygen in water. Electrolysis is not as hard as you might think and is a good, safe science proje... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on Water PH?

Few people outside of the field of chemical science know that pH is a rough abbreviation of "potential for Hydrogen" which refers to the delicate balance of Hydrogen (H) and Hydroxide (OH) ions exi... Read More »