Science Projects on Chewing Gum and Mouth Temperature?

Answer A science project that involves chewing gum and mouth temperature could focus on either how chewing gum affects mouth temperature or how mouth temperature affects chewing gum. When you are measurin... Read More »

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How does chewing gum affect the temperature of your mouth?

Chewing gum does not have a significant effect on the mouth's temperature, according to a 2001 American Red Cross Blood Services study published in the journal Transfusion. The study done on prospe... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on Chewing Gum?

Teachers do not like chewing gum in the classroom, unless you are completing a science project on the subject. Chewing gum has many properties from the flavor to the ability to aid in concentration... Read More »

Elementary Science Projects on Which Chewing Gum Holds Its Flavor the Longest?

In elementary school, students begin to learn about the scientific method, the basis of research and exploration in the sciences. Many schools encourage or require students to participate in a scie... Read More »

What Are the Science Projects for Gum Chewing to Improve a Student's Math Score?

Over the past 50 years, educational psychology has contributed a great deal to the study of behavior within the classroom and within exams. Much of this research focuses on the factors that influen... Read More »