Science Projects on Aluminum Cans?

Answer Aluminum cans are easily accessible and make for great science projects and demonstrations. Whether you're looking for a project to complete for your school science fair or you just want to try som... Read More »

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Recycling Cans & Bottles Science Projects?

Recycling is one of the key topics in most science curricula. Getting your students to carry out experiments and projects about recycling can develop a deep understanding of the process and an appr... Read More »

Reynolds Aluminum Foil Science Projects?

Reynolds aluminum foil is ideal for a variety of simple science projects. The students can even participate in recycling by asking their parents to let them bring in any unused aluminum foil for th... Read More »

Science Projects Involving Paper, Cotton & Aluminum?

When science fair season rolls around you will have to decide what types of science projects interest you the most. But there's no need to panic. Many experiments can be conducted using some common... Read More »

How many crushed aluminum cans makes one pound of aluminum?

About 25 to 33 crushed aluminum cans make one pound of aluminum. The exact number depends on the size and type of aluminum cans involved. For example, beer cans are lighter and thinner than soda ca... Read More »