Science Projects for Things That Fly?

Answer People are fascinated by things that fly. Curiosity, adventure and a desire for flight has lead to the invention of machines that travel through the air. Airplanes, helicopters, hang gliders, kites... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects That Have Dependent Variables That Can Be Measured?

When you complete a science fair experiment, you use both independent and dependent variables. While an independent variable is under your control, the dependent variable is that which changes as a... Read More »

Science Projects With Variables That Are the Same and Some That Change?

Many science projects involve the use of "variables," which is a condition in the experiment that changes. Science projects also make use of "controls," which involve a condition or set of conditio... Read More »

Science Projects That I Can Do in One Day?

While many science projects require days or weeks to carry out, there are many that can be accomplished in one day. Science projects are designed to teach and assess how a student follows the scien... Read More »

Science Projects That Use M&M's?

Science projects that use M&M's are often simultaneously amusing and delicious. Even if you don't eat your M&M's after experimenting, however, designing a project that uses M&Ms can help you learn ... Read More »