Science Projects for Special Education Kindergarteners?

Answer Special education classes are grouped according to various learning or physical challenges. Students' learning challenges may vary widely, resulting in the need for flexible lesson plans. Physical ... Read More »

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Science Projects for Pre-kindergarteners?

Children are natural-born scientists. From the time little ones learn to communicate they begin asking "Who? What? When? Where? Why?" Guiding your preschooler through simple science projects and ex... Read More »

Art Projects for Special Education?

Art projects are an excellent way to engage students in special education classes with content across the curriculum. Practicing art allows the brain to develop neural pathways between short term a... Read More »

Special Education Bulletin Board Ideas for Science?

One of the defining features of special education is that it is intensive and focused in the practice that is provided to each student. Bulletin boards for special education students should be cons... Read More »

Solar System Projects for Kindergarteners?

The idea of planets rotating around the sun in space is a difficult concept for children to grasp. However, it is important that kindergartners are exposed to the concept of the solar system. Make ... Read More »