Science Projects for Soda & Corrosion?

Answer Though cliche, it is absolutely true that science is all around you. As both scientists and young children will tell you, the average household is filled with substances and items that can lead to ... Read More »

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Science Projects for Corrosion?

Metals corrode over time because of temperature, weather, exposure to chemicals and proximity to the ocean. Metal corrosion plays an important part of industry, as expensive machines can corrode ov... Read More »

Corrosion and Rust Science Fair Projects?

Corrosion and rust are two related topics that make for an interesting and educational science fair project. Encourage your students to look at the different factors affecting rust --- such as how ... Read More »

Easy Science Projects That Utilize Everyday Materials to Prevent the Corrosion of Metal?

Corrosion refers to the electrochemical disintegration of a metal into its constituent atoms, due, in household materials, to exposure to moisture in the air. Have your students utilize everyday ma... Read More »

Baking Soda Science Projects?

When it comes to science projects, baking soda goes hand in hand with vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar undergo a chemical reaction when mixed, producing enough carbon dioxide gas at a rapid enough ... Read More »