Science Projects for Sixth Graders on Tsunamis?

Answer In the early part of the 21st century, people have been reminded how incredibly powerful tsunamis can be, particularly with the deadly events that occurred in Thailand in 2004 and Japan in 2011, bo... Read More »

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Examples for Science Projects for Sixth Graders?

Sixth-grade science projects are a standard way to introduce students to the scientific method. Learning how to do hands-on research is a valuable tool when it comes time for the more complicated ... Read More »

Volcano Science Projects for Sixth Graders?

Volcanoes are an interesting and engaging subject area for your sixth-grade students to study when developing science projects. Students should be encouraged to focus their work on a combination of... Read More »

Science Projects on Water Cycle for Sixth-Graders?

Learning about the water cycle is a crucial part of any child's science education; science projects about the water cycle are simple to implement while being informative. Subjects such as this one ... Read More »

Science Fair Projects for Sixth-Graders on Rockets?

An excellent sixth-grade science fair project in the aeronautics category is the creation of a rocket. Rockets allow students to explore Newton's Laws of Motion, and are a fun and hands-on way to ... Read More »