Science Projects for Grades 6 & 7?

Answer The science fair is a time for students to showcase their creativity and learn about science. On the middle school level, science fair projects can require less parental help, but should still be p... Read More »

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Science Projects for Grades 1 & 5?

Science can be an intimidating subject for some students, so introducing projects in the classroom can be an alternative approach to lectures. Because they will be a part of the learning process in... Read More »

Science Projects for Grades Six to Eight?

It can be difficult to find appropriate science projects for kids heading into middle school. Teachers and parents must keep in mind that projects must be challenging enough that they teach middle... Read More »

Easy Science Projects for Grades Seven & Eight?

Seventh and eighth graders generally study life science and physical science. Within both disciplines there are some easy science fair projects that do not require a great deal of time and effort, ... Read More »

School Science Projects for Grades Seven Through Nine?

Science projects for intermediate grades can be difficult to come up with. Students at this age usually aren't very interested in science, so it can be a challenge to find projects students will ge... Read More »