Science Projects With a Bouncing Egg?

Answer Creating a bouncing egg is simple and lots of fun. Students can watch as the shell of an egg is dissolved, making a pliable, bouncy egg. Science projects using bouncing eggs come in different forms... Read More »

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Fast and Easy Science Fair Projects on Bouncing Eggs?

When thinking of an egg, you might picture a delicate and fragile food. However, you may not know that when prepared the right way, an egg can actually bounce when dropped on the floor. This scienc... Read More »

Science Fair Project: Pressure and a Bouncing Ball?

Students of all ages participate in science fairs; they also play with balls: basketballs, footballs, baseballs, soccer balls. Inevitably, one day the ball pops or leaks air; it won't bounce. Why ... Read More »

Science Projects With Pets?

When it comes time to creating a science fair project, you may have all the resources you need at home. Pets, especially dogs and cats, make great topics for science fair projects and also give you... Read More »

Science Projects With Alfalfa?

Alfalfa grows much quicker than the average plant with a germination time of five or six days. This fast growth rate makes it easy to perform scientific tests on the plant. Because alfalfa grows re... Read More »