Science Projects With Sunscreen?

Answer Conduct your own experiments to figure out the best sunscreen to protect you from the harmful UV rays. Sunscreens come in many different varieties, including different SPFs (sun protection factors... Read More »

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Ideas for a Sunscreen Science Fair Project?

Every year, schools hold annual science fairs to showcase various students' science projects. Sunscreen science fair projects experiment with sunscreens and sunblocks in relation to the degree of p... Read More »

Science Projects With Ant Farms?

Ant farms work very well for elementary science projects. You can find these self-contained systems all year round at toy stores and online retailers and observe the ants at work. When you perform ... Read More »

Science Projects With Candy?

Science experiments help students understand the scientific concepts they learn by giving them a hands-on way to demonstrate them. One way to get kids even more interested in science is by experime... Read More »

Science Projects With M&Ms and Skittles?

M&Ms and Skittles are small candies that can make learning science more fun and accessible for children. There are several ways to incorporate M&Ms and Skittles into different types of science proj... Read More »