Science Projects With Smells?

Answer Science projects with smells are a fun and interesting topic that can vary greatly. Some of the most creative projects involve how the human sense of smell interacts with the other senses. Other pr... Read More »

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Science Projects With Different Smells?

Find out how much people (and animals) are affected by their sense of smell through assorted science projects. Determine how smell affects the other senses or research the scent capacity of animals... Read More »

Science Projects With Puppies?

Finding an engaging science project for your child is often challenging. However, the science teacher usually allows students to pick their own projects for science fairs. If your child is an anima... Read More »

Science Projects With a Bouncing Egg?

Creating a bouncing egg is simple and lots of fun. Students can watch as the shell of an egg is dissolved, making a pliable, bouncy egg. Science projects using bouncing eggs come in different forms... Read More »

Science Projects With Straws?

Regular plastic drinking straws can provide endless tutorials in the principles of physics. While most projects with straws somehow involve water or balloons, the lessons illustrate the power and p... Read More »