Science Projects With Slinkies?

Answer Although you may think of a Slinky as a toy, physics teachers use it as a go-to gadget to teach students the basics of forces and waves. If you are looking for a science project that involves a Sli... Read More »

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Science Projects With Chlorine?

Your students likely have encountered chlorine in their local swimming pool. They will know from this experience that it has a distinct scent and can make your eyes sore and red. However, this is n... Read More »

Science Projects with an Egg & Saltwater?

Three items found in many households, eggs, sugar and salt, make for an easy-to-do science project. These ingredients can teach anyone about water density.

Science Projects With Computers?

With the ability of computers to perform many functions, they can be incorporated into a wide variety of science projects. School science fairs do not have a specific category for computers, but co... Read More »

Science Projects With Celery & Red Dye?

Even young children usually realize that plants suck up water and nutrients through their roots, and that the water then transports the nutrients throughout the plant. You can demonstrate this proc... Read More »