Science Projects With Sinking Ships?

Answer Ever since humans first began to travel on water thousands of years ago, engineers have been struggling with how to make boats larger, faster and more capable. Unfortunately, such engineering endea... Read More »

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How to Play Sinking Ships in Your Room?

This game is thrilling and adventurous with a little imagination. It also passes time quickly.

Science Projects With a Barometer?

Barometers are devices used in meteorology to measure air pressure. Building your own barometer can help you to better understand how such tools work. Once you have built a barometer, you can use i... Read More »

Science Projects With E. Coli?

Science projects with E. coli can introduce students to a type of research done in biotechnology laboratories that use the bacteria to produce reagents. E. coli, or Eschericia coli, is found in the... Read More »

Science Projects With a Bouncing Egg?

Creating a bouncing egg is simple and lots of fun. Students can watch as the shell of an egg is dissolved, making a pliable, bouncy egg. Science projects using bouncing eggs come in different forms... Read More »