Science Projects With Making Ice?

Answer Ice is frozen water, and water is the most common substance on earth. However, water also has qualities that make it uncommon. It is the only substance that can exist in three states: solid, liquid... Read More »

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Science Projects for Making DNA Models?

Unless you attend elementary or middle school, a DNA model by itself is rarely an acceptable science project. However, as a visual aid, DNA models add interest to your display board and demonstrate... Read More »

Science Projects on Making a Cell?

Cells are the tiny building blocks that make up all living things and, because they are so small, the concept of cell parts and functions can be difficult for students to grasp. To help students un... Read More »

Science Projects on Making Electric Connections?

Science projects about electrical connections are suitable for most middle-school or junior-high students. Projects about electrical connections can demonstrate various levels of proficiency with w... Read More »

Science Projects on Making Flowers Grow?

Science projects involving flowers and plants are more accessible for young students because they seldom involve materials that are dangerous. Students aren't likely to need permission to use them.... Read More »