Science Projects With Different Smells?

Answer Find out how much people (and animals) are affected by their sense of smell through assorted science projects. Determine how smell affects the other senses or research the scent capacity of animals... Read More »

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Science Projects With Smells?

Science projects with smells are a fun and interesting topic that can vary greatly. Some of the most creative projects involve how the human sense of smell interacts with the other senses. Other pr... Read More »

Different Kinds of Science Projects?

Children naturally love science because it allows them to learn new things and become the ultimate investigator. Science also satisfies their ferocious curiosity and explains why things happen the ... Read More »

Different Kinds of Plants in Science Projects?

Plants are ubiquitous and are an excellent resource for any science teacher, regardless of the area of specialization -- botany, genetics or biology, and regardless of instructional level -- elemen... Read More »

Science Projects for Baking Different-Sized Cookies?

A fun and simple science project for a school science fair is to bake cookies of different sizes for different durations and examine how long each takes to bake. The level of "doneness" in a cookie... Read More »