Science Projects With Birds?

Answer Finding science projects that are informative yet fun can be a challenge. Studying birds is one option that utilizes easily obtained materials and species that exist locally. Science projects invol... Read More »

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Science Projects with an Onion?

Just as there are many layers to an onion, so there are several very different science projects that can revolve around this versatile vegetable. Onions release a chemical that makes humans cry, bu... Read More »

Science Projects With Making Ice?

Ice is frozen water, and water is the most common substance on earth. However, water also has qualities that make it uncommon. It is the only substance that can exist in three states: solid, liquid... Read More »

Science Projects With Trash?

It's well known that Americans produce a lot of trash each year---some estimates list as much as 4.5 pounds of trash per person per day. While some of this trash is biodegradable, much of it will l... Read More »

Science Projects With an Egg Drop?

The egg drop problem is a frequent topic found in science education. Using a combination of physics knowledge, engineering skills and imagination, students build a structure in which to hold an egg... Read More »