Science Projects Using Simple Machines?

Answer Ask a child to name a machine, and he might think of a computer or car. He may not realize that every time he turns a doorknob or ascends a skateboard ramp, he is using a simple machine. Parents an... Read More »

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Science Projects Using Multiple Simple Machines?

Simple machines are devices that make work easier. Work involves using force to move an object. Lifting, pulling, and pushing are examples of work. Devices that are considered simple machines are: ... Read More »

Good Science Projects on Simple Machines?

Simple machines make our lives easier. They contain few parts and help multiply or redirect force. They are found everywhere in our home and at work, and are so common that you might not realize th... Read More »

Science Projects for 4th Graders for Simple Machines?

A simple machine is a machine that completes one specific function. Examples of these are screws, pulleys, wheels and axles, and wedges, among several others. There are many projects that your four... Read More »

Science Projects on Simple Machines, Force & Motion?

Simple machines allow you to exert a single force and do work involving the motion of objects. You can do different projects to see how simple machines work, and you can also adjust variables to te... Read More »