Science Projects Using Gummy Worms?

Answer Gummy worms are an inexpensive candy that can be used in a variety of science projects. There are many experiments students can conduct with a few gummy worms and some other household objects. Wi... Read More »

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Dancing Gummy Science Projects?

Dancing Gummy Bears may sound like the furthest thing from a legitimate science experiment, but in fact making these tiny gummy candies jump and jive is a tangible, yet entertaining way to demonstr... Read More »

Gummy worms or gummy bears?

Science Projects for Studying Worms?

The worm is often a subject of fascination for children and they make for a variety of interesting science projects. Considering that there are at least 2,700 types of earthworms alone and, that a ... Read More »

How to Make Gummy Worms?

The thing about Gummy Worms is that you do not want them to taste "home made". These are intended to taste as similar to grocery store brands as possible.The first things you need to do to create s... Read More »