Science Projects Using Cooking Oil?

Answer Some people believe that the study of science can take place only in a laboratory full of test tubes, beakers and Bunsen burners. However, nothing can be further from the truth. The study of scien... Read More »

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Science Projects With Cooking?

Cooking is the process of turning ingredients into food. Many cooking processes are actually chemistry and physics, although they're done in a kitchen rather than a lab, and with ordinary kitchen i... Read More »

Science Projects on Solar Cooking an Egg by the Sun?

The idea of cooking eggs on the sidewalk never ceases to intrigue. Use this fact to further your students' understanding of solar energy. Have your students build their own solar cookers! They can ... Read More »

Science Projects for Preventing Cooking Fires?

Most domestic fires originate in the kitchen and can spread rapidly, leading to widespread damage. As children grow older, they help their parents with cooking so it is important they are aware of ... Read More »

Middle School Science Cooking Fair Projects?

One of the oldest sciences is cooking. Food science was essential to human survival and it continues to be a robust science with discoveries being made all the time. Add either a cooking section to... Read More »