Science Projects Using Concrete?

Answer Concrete is a strong and durable material that can be poured into many shapes, making it extremely versatile. It is common in construction and is used for everything from sidewalks to buildings. Mo... Read More »

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Science Projects on the Strength of Concrete?

Concrete holds many important structures, such as walls, ceilings and bridges, in place. Concrete may include additional material, such as rebar, sand or gravel, to make it stronger or meet a speci... Read More »

Science Projects Using Recyclables for New Projects?

Recycling uses discarded materials--newspapers, various plastics, aluminum cans and office paper--that are sorted, processed and converted into raw materials. These raw materials are used to produc... Read More »

Science Projects Using a Jar?

Science projects are typically visual simulations used to explain nature, mathematics or other viewable phenomena. Science is studied from elementary school to high school and beyond. Use jars to s... Read More »

Science Projects Using Earthworms?

Science experiments are exciting to complete, but they often require many materials. Keep experiments cost effective by using materials that are readily available in nature. Earthworms can be found... Read More »