Science Projects Using Carnivorous Plants?

Answer Carnivorous plants have been the objects of study and fascination because of their adaptations to low-nutrient environments such as acidic bogs: they primarily trap and digest small insects. These... Read More »

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The Best Plants for Science Projects?

Growing plants in different conditions has long been a favorite for science projects as it allows for a demonstration of growth and the best growing conditions which cannot be achieved with live an... Read More »

Science Projects on How to See Plants Drinking?

There are several creative and interesting ways to show how plants "drink." Whether it is a stand-alone science lesson or part of a larger section on photosynthesis, children will be fascinated as ... Read More »

Plants to Clean Air Science Projects?

In a world where pollution is a major problem, scientists are looking for ways to improve the quality of our air using plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and produce oxygen... Read More »

Science Projects Dealing With Plants?

Botany is a subtopic of the biology discipline and involves the study of plant life. There are also a wide range of science projects that involve plants but share their discipline with other branch... Read More »