Science Projects That Take a Month to Do?

Answer Science projects that take a little more effort and time allow budding scientists to more deeply explore topics. Typically, longer-term project include those that study plant or animal growth. Not ... Read More »

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Science Projects That Take Two Months to Do?

There are many wonderful scientific lessons that are available for student use, most of them being short term-that is, for a day or two. There are times, though, when a long-term lesson plan is in... Read More »

Science Projects That Only Take 1 Day?

Science fair projects typically involve a lot of thought, preparation and hard work. When you're in a bind or can't commit to a long project then you need one that can be done quickly and preferabl... Read More »

Science Projects That Take Four to Six Weeks?

Most science projects that take four to six weeks to complete are experiments. Through experimentation, students make a scientific inquiry after stating a hypothesis, or theory. Students then des... Read More »

3-Month Science Projects?

Science projects give students the opportunity and motivation to become active in learning and understanding scientific phenomena. If an educator has the advantage of teaching a class for a full te... Read More »