Science Projects That Involve Engineering?

Answer Engineering combines math and science to design and build something of use, and its principles should rank as a vital component of the kindergarten through 12th-grade curriculum. Engineering activi... Read More »

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Science Projects That Involve the Growth of Plants?

A good science project investigates a topic that can be tested and proven right or wrong. Practical considerations limit you to tests that you are able to perform and complete in an allotted time. ... Read More »

Cool Science Projects That Involve Electricity?

Many cool science projects take advantage of everyday resources, including electricity. Use electricity to bring certain facets of science to life before your students' eyes and help them gain a gr... Read More »

Science Fair Projects That Involve Music?

Throughout society music is used to impact life in many ways. Movies use music to set the mood in scenes while doctors play music to soothe their patients before an appointment. In science you mig... Read More »

Science Projects That Involve Coke Dissolving Materials?

Rumors that the popular soft drink Coke can dissolve certain materials have existed for a long time. Coke contains phosphoric acid and is a very acidic drink. Coca-Cola Classic is the most acidic C... Read More »