Science Projects Testing an Object for Conduction or Insulation?

Answer Science projects on insulation and conduction fit in well with the elementary school science curriculum and make interesting science fair projects. Conduction is the transfer of heat energy from on... Read More »

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Kids' Science Projects on Conduction?

Conduction involves the transfer of molecules. Heat is conducted when molecules get hot and bump into another object that is cold, transferring the warmth to the colder object. Electricity is condu... Read More »

Science Projects on Insulation and Ice Cubes?

Some materials insulate or protect from heat transfer better than others materials do. In science, there is a measurement for the ability of a material to insulate from heat transfer. This measurem... Read More »

Elementary Science Projects on Insulation?

Elementary science projects on insulation introduce students to the kinds of materials that are used for insulation and their effectiveness in preventing heat loss. Use simple household materials, ... Read More »

Thermal Insulation in Science Projects?

Thermal insulation refers to the ability of a material to resist the transfer of heat energy. For example, a sweater provides thermal insulation to its wearer, reducing the amount of heat energy tr... Read More »