Science Projects Including Animals?

Answer Cats, dogs, lions, birds, bears and other large animals may come to mind when we think of animals. The animal kingdom, however, also contains smaller organisms, such as worms, ants and other insect... Read More »

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Science Projects Including Food Rotting?

Rotting food usually heads straight for the garbage. Full of molds and fungi, rotten food is dangerous to eat but interesting to study. Food can be a fascinating topic for science projects, especia... Read More »

Science Projects Including Vinegar and Chicken Bones?

Many children hear that they need to drink milk to make sure they get enough calcium, but they may not have a clear understanding of why calcium is so important. An experiment that allows an acid l... Read More »

Science Projects on Sea Animals?

Science projects on sea animals will introduce students to a vast ecosystem still being discovered. The sea is still a mystery to us. There are thousands of species that have never known sunlight a... Read More »

Elementary Science Projects on Animals?

Science projects for elementary students can teach students to observe their surroundings and record their findings in a way that allows them to create a summary. Animals are a good subject for sci... Read More »