Science Projects & Experiments on Buoyancy?

Answer Buoyancy refers to the upward force a liquid exerts on an object. Objects that have a higher density than the liquid will sink, unless their shape encloses enough air to lower their overall density... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects on Buoyancy?

An object becomes buoyant when it is less dense, or compact, than another substance around it. For example, a feather floats on water not only because it is lighter than the water but also because ... Read More »

Science Projects Involving Buoyancy and Boats?

Buoyancy is one of the fundamental principles of physical science and the one that makes boats and other watercraft not sink. The process can be investigated through small-scale scientific experime... Read More »

Science Air Projects & Experiments?

Air pressure is all around us yet many of us rarely consider it. Though we see, feel and literally breathe its effects, air pressure is often misunderstood. By exploring air pressure in a few simpl... Read More »

Science Projects With Hands-on Experiments?

Some of the most effective, interesting and informative science projects are those involving hands-on experiments. Take a practical approach to learning about the four main scientific disciplines, ... Read More »