Science Projects Based on Crochet?

Answer Crochet doesn't sound like a very scientific activity. However, it does lend itself to a number of projects related to science. There's a big art display of hyperbolic coral reefs made of crochet t... Read More »

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Science Projects Based on Energy?

Energy -- the property infusing an object that enables it to do work -- exists in a number of different forms, such as chemical energy, electrical energy, light (radiant energy), mechanical energy ... Read More »

Food Coloring Based Science Projects?

Food coloring is an excellent medium in science projects. The dye will give you an insider's view into how protein and fat reacts with soap, how oil and water will not mix, the watering system of a... Read More »

Science Projects Based on the Theme of Families?

There are many great ideas for science projects based on the theme of families. Families are linked together by social groupings as well as by genes. Consider exploring the relationships among you ... Read More »

Science Projects Based on Burning Fuels?

A science project about fuel burning is relevant during these times of fuel shortage and the search for alternative fuels. Whether for a science fair or an in-classroom project, performing experime... Read More »