Science Projects About the Planet Eris?

Answer Dwarf planets are a new and fascinating topic to study. The classification of objects in space is complex and the term "dwarf planets" was accepted in 2006. Pluto's status changed when Eris was di... Read More »

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Planet Earth Science Projects?

Learning about the Earth and teaching students about climate, topography and composition of our planet should be an important part of every school curriculum. There are many ways to present lessons... Read More »

Science Projects About Garbage?

Science projects about garbage can educate people about recycling, waste disposal and eco-friendly, "green" living. These types of projects teach students how much garbage affects their lives and h... Read More »

Science Projects About the Atom?

Atoms make up everything around us from the chair we sit on to the air we breathe. They are made up of three elements: electrons, protons and neutrons. Atoms combine to make up all elements of the ... Read More »

Science Projects About Rainbows?

A rainbow is formed when raindrops reflect sunlight toward an observer's eye. Light is dispersed into seven colors -- red, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet. To see a rainbow, the sun must be ... Read More »