Science Projects About the Bald-Faced Hornet for 4th Grade?

Answer While many children suffer from spheksophobia, or a fear of wasps, learning about local wasps can teach the insect's importance to the natural environment. For example, the bald-faced hornet, which... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of a Bald Face Hornet's Nest?

Bald-faced hornets are beneficial insects, consuming large amounts of caterpillars, mosquitoes and flies. They usually build their nests high in a tree and occasionally under the eaves of a house o... Read More »

Science Projects for the Second Grade?

Use easy and fun science projects to help the second-grade student develop a love for science and critical-thinking skills. An interest in science also helps the child learn more about the world a... Read More »

Science Projects for the 5th Grade?

Science projects for fifth-graders should provide the students a chance to perform an experiment, record results and think through what those results mean. This begins to prepare the students for t... Read More »

Science Projects for Grade 11?

Coming up with ideas for science fair projects can be difficult, and 11th-grade science fair projects require much more research and expertise than projects for lower grades. Many suitable 11th-gra... Read More »