Science Projects About Rainbow Rays?

Answer Different color frequencies of light combine to form white light, the natural light we see everyday. Certain objects, including raindrops and glass prisms, have the ability to bend and separate a r... Read More »

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Science Projects for UV Rays?

Students use the light spectrum, visible and invisible, as the basis for a whole host of science projects. Science projects using ultraviolet rays can demonstrate types of UV rays, the effects of U... Read More »

Ideas on Rainbow Science Fair Projects?

Rainbow science fair projects are appropriate for younger children, especially those in early elementary school. Kids can experiment with light to make their own rainbow or use the science fair pro... Read More »

Science Projects Involving Rainbow Flowers?

The ordered behavior of molecules in motion is at the core of organic life and is the root of most scientific discovery. Concepts that define how matter is made, how we are fed and what gravity has... Read More »

Science Projects About Hearing?

Sound travels through the air and can't be seen or touched. Teaching children about hearing and sound can be exciting by using fun interactive activities that show kids how sound waves move and the... Read More »