Science Projects About Garbage?

Answer Science projects about garbage can educate people about recycling, waste disposal and eco-friendly, "green" living. These types of projects teach students how much garbage affects their lives and h... Read More »

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Science Projects About the Decomposistion of Garbage?

Science projects involving the decomposition of garbage help students understand the ecological impact of waste. The student must first develop a question or hypothesis regarding garbage decomposit... Read More »

Science Projects About Apples?

Science projects that include fruit are fun, especially if the project allows the students to use their senses. Projects that allow the students to taste, smell or feel a physical change will offer... Read More »

Science Projects About the Atom?

Atoms make up everything around us from the chair we sit on to the air we breathe. They are made up of three elements: electrons, protons and neutrons. Atoms combine to make up all elements of the ... Read More »

Science Projects About Ladybugs?

The vivid, spotted appearance of colorful ladybugs (or lady beetles or ladybird beetles) draws admiration. Ladybugs serve as visually appealing components for some science projects. Astronauts have... Read More »