Science Project on the Freezing Rate of Different Types of Water?

Answer Using water to demonstrate the different states of matter is a very common classroom experiment because it can be easily demonstrated using a freezer and a kettle. What is not always explained is h... Read More »

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Science Fair Project on Types of Water?

Water makes up a large part of the surface of the Earth. Both fresh water sources like rain and lakes and salt water oceans exist in nature. Man produces other types of water, like distilled, tap o... Read More »

Science Fair Project That Tests the Effects of Gatorade vs. Water on a Swimmer's Pulse Rate?

Having a science fair project that can be used as a marketing tool is a great way to get a good mark. Testing the attributes of Gatorade against water falls into this category of marketable science... Read More »

How to Make Water Float on Water for a Science Project?

Water is an important substance. It covers 70% of the world's surface, and is vital for human and mammal survival. When water has solidified into ice, it can easily float on itself, but a science p... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas for Types of Forces?

The pull or push on an object due to the object's interaction with another object is known as "force." These interactions are either contact forces or action-at-a-distance forces. Contact forces, s... Read More »