Science Project on the Effects of Acid on Plant Growth?

Answer Measuring the effect of acid on plant growth in this small-scale experiment allows you to demonstrate the greater impact that acid rain has on plants. This cheap, simple and safe botany project mak... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects For The Effects of Fertilizer on Plant Growth?

Science fair projects that look at the effects of fertilizer on plant growth can take many directions. All begin with a set of plants. Results may include changes in the plant's growth speed, heigh... Read More »

Why does acid affect plant growth?

Some plants like acidic root median/medium; others like alkaline PH. Tomatos, for example, appreciate a PH of around 6.8, 7 being neutral, and 6.8 being acidic. Acidity helps with the absorption of... Read More »

Does gibberellic acid promote plant growth?

The naturally occurring plant growth hormone known as gibberellic acid or GA-3 can cause a number of effects on plants. Effects such as the stimulation of germinating seeds, rapid germination of do... Read More »

Grass Growth Science Project?

A science project exploring grass growth provides guidance on achieving the perfect lawn and restoring habitats. According to All Science Fair, many golf courses' seek the most drought... Read More »