Science Project on a Simple Method to Measure Rotational Speed?

Answer The Earth is traveling around the sun at a speed of 67,062 miles per hour, or 107,300 kilometers per hour, and takes 365.25 days to orbit the star. Calculating the rotational speed of the Earth is ... Read More »

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The Best Science Fair Project Using the Scientific Method?

The scientific method provides the best platform for creating a successful science fair project. To use the scientific method, you should choose a science fair project that will hold up to the meth... Read More »

Science Project Ideas & the Scientific Method?

Science fair projects are based on the scientific method. Students formulate a hypothesis and predict the outcome before performing the experiment. The test results support or refute the hypothesis.

6th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas Using the Scientific Method?

The scientific method consists of forming, testing and, if applicable, re-evaluating a hypothesis, or educated guess. The hypothesis evolves into a working theory and eventual established fact as d... Read More »

Ideas for a Simple Science Project?

Introduce children to science with simple projects that use everyday objects. Using food from the fridge and pantry and repurposing commonly used items rather than buying new materials also is econ... Read More »