Science Project With Color Changing Carnations?

Answer Using white carnations and colored water, children can see first-hand the role stems play in supplying water to a plant. A hands-on experiment, children can watch the colored water as it travels u... Read More »

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Science Fair Project Ideas About Changing Water Density?

Water is an amazing liquid. It expands when it coverts from a liquid to a solid, making it less dense in the process. This is the reason why ice floats on water. Science projects on the density of ... Read More »

Science Fair Project on Color Blindness?

More males than females are colorblind. In fact, if you know 12 males, odds are that at least one of them has some degree of color blindness. This condition occurs when the cones (or special cells)... Read More »

How to Do a Science Project on How Eye Color Affects Peripheral Vision?

Science projects are an objective way of teaching the scientific method through experimentation, but they can quickly become expensive if you choose the wrong project. One affordable science projec... Read More »

A Science Fair Project on How an Object's Color Affects How it Absorbs Energy From Sunlight?

Science fair projects often assess the effect of a set of variables on a controlled situation. When completing a science fair project to show how an object's color affects its absorption of heat, y... Read More »