Science Project Ideas for Food Lovers?

Answer If you love to eat, you may wonder how certain foods are made. Take butter, for instance: you usually buy it at the grocery store, but you can make it at home, and you don't even need a cow. You ca... Read More »

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Science Project Ideas on Fair Food?

County and state fairs are almost as popular for the food as they are for the rides. Create a science project putting some of these popular fair foods to the test. In addition to making hypotheses ... Read More »

Food & Nutrition Science Project Ideas?

Food and nutrition projects make great subject matter for science projects because they are generally quite simple, have important real-life applications and sometimes involve tasting delicious foo... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas That Involve Food?

Science fair projects that involve food, a basic ingredient to sustaining life, are usually simple, nontoxic and fun to prepare and complete. Students of all ages, from elementary grades up to high... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas on Food Comparison?

Food is essential for life, and each food has its own properties and effects on the body. Foods contain different amounts of sugar, are made of different percentages of water and digest at differen... Read More »