Science Project: How to Make an Egg Go Soft?

Answer You can make an egg shell soft with the help of a jar of vinegar. By soaking the egg for 24 hours, you may observe a fascinating chemical interaction. Vinegar, an acid, reacts with calcium carbonat... Read More »

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How Can I Make a Toy for My Science Project?

Making a toy science project will show you and those around you that science is everywhere, even in toys. You can make a toy for a science project, such as the Sparkle Glitter Globe toy, that will ... Read More »

Science Project: How to Make a Battery?

Creating electricity from a lemon is a classic science project that demonstrates the concepts of polarity, open and closed circuits and electrolytes. Lemon batteries convert chemical energy into vo... Read More »

How to Make a Science Project in Five Days?

You waited until the last minute to do your science project, and you are wondering what you can do in five days to complete the assignment. Science encompasses many areas, one of them being percept... Read More »

Science Project: How to Make a Compass?

Creating a compass can be a simple and fun experiment that can be used for a science project to teach young students about magnetism and paramagnetic compounds. You can make a fully functioning com... Read More »