Science Project: How to Make an Egg Go Soft?

Answer You can make an egg shell soft with the help of a jar of vinegar. By soaking the egg for 24 hours, you may observe a fascinating chemical interaction. Vinegar, an acid, reacts with calcium carbonat... Read More »

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How Can I Make a Toy for My Science Project?

Making a toy science project will show you and those around you that science is everywhere, even in toys. You can make a toy for a science project, such as the Sparkle Glitter Globe toy, that will ... Read More »

Science Project: How to Make a Compass?

Creating a compass can be a simple and fun experiment that can be used for a science project to teach young students about magnetism and paramagnetic compounds. You can make a fully functioning com... Read More »

How to Make a Whirlpool Science Project?

Liquid that spins in a circular motion forms a whirlpool. A vortex is a whirlpool with a downward draft. Whirlpools occur most frequently when water is forced through a narrow opening and then flow... Read More »

How to Make a Light for a Science Project?

Make a flashlight for your science project this year. Demonstrate how a flashlight produces light or investigate open and closed electrical circuits. You can find the scientific explanations on "As... Read More »