Science Project: How to Build a Magnetic Motor?

Answer Magnetic motors are an integral part of many machines. From children's toys to televisions to roller coasters, magnetic motors are used in countless mechanical devices. Building your own electromag... Read More »

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A Science Project on Magnetic Cars?

Magnetic toy car experiments can make a big impact at school science fairs. While fairly easy to execute, magnetic car experiments are a fun way to teach children about magnetism.

Electro Magnetic Spectrum Science Project Ideas?

Students are probably well aware of the names, and probably some of the properties, of the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, but they may be unaware of their relationships to one ano... Read More »

How to Build a Science Project?

This article will explain the steps involved in preparing to build a science project. The possibilities for a science project are endless, but good preparation will ensure a good outcome.

How to Build a Pulley for a Science Project?

A pulley is a type of simple machine. It is used to lift a load. This makes it easier for the person lifting the load because it takes some of the weight off them and puts it on the pulley. Making ... Read More »