Science Fair Topics About Chemistry?

Answer Chemistry can be fun to explore for school projects because you have the opportunity to study the interaction between energy and matter. The possibilities are endless with what you can choose, but ... Read More »

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Science Fair Topics About Ice?

A wide variety of science projects exist that utilize ice. When entering your project into a science fair, you may place it under one of several categories, including chemistry, hydrology, physics,... Read More »

Science Fair Topics About Pennies?

Pennies are a great source of inspiration for science fair projects because they are easy to find and students can engineer a variety of tests to determine the effects of various environments on th... Read More »

Science Fair Topics About Color?

From simple to complex, projects about color make good projects for a science fair. The complexity of the project will determine for what grade level it would be most appropriate. Color-oriented pr... Read More »

Science Fair Topics About Sports for 6th Grade?

From baseball to basketball to track, children begin to get more involved in sports in the sixth grade, as they usually enter middle school at this age. Organized sports come to the forefront at th... Read More »