Science Fair Topic Ideas on Horses for 8th Grade?

Answer Students are usually well-versed in science fairs by the time they reach Grade 8, but this doesn't mean coming up with an idea is any easier. If you're in Grade 8 and enjoy horses, try a science pr... Read More »

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Science Fair Ideas on the Topic Genetics?

Many students are interested in how traits are inherited through families, so they may enjoy doing a science fair project on the topic of genetics. Mendelian genetics is the basis of all hereditary... Read More »

Middle School Science Fair Topic Ideas?

Science fairs are a way for students to both learn about science and figure out what areas of the world around them are the most interesting. A science fair project can investigate any aspect of th... Read More »

Ideas for a Grade 9 Science Fair?

Instruct your ninth graders to complete a science fair project focused on one of science's four main disciplines. Students should keep a detailed log of their project progress, which will be a usef... Read More »

Science Fair Ideas for Grade Seven?

Since the third grade, students have been exploring their world through science fairs and science projects. By the seventh grade they have experimented and have grown comfortable with the process o... Read More »