Science Fair Projects on the Results of Unpopped Popcorn?

Answer Each kernel of popcorn contains a tiny amount of water. When you heat popcorn, the water expands and forces the kernel to burst. The material inside the kernel puffs out as a result of the eruption... Read More »

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What kind of popcorn pops the most for a science fair project?

On One Hand: Newman's Own Pops the Most KernelsIn an independent study of comparable butter-flavored microwave popcorn brands, Newman's Own produced a 97 percent rate of kernels popped, followed cl... Read More »

Can squirrels eat unpopped popcorn?

Most squirrels eat all nuts, fruit, seeds and grain. Popcorn kernels are a type of grain and squirrels have teeth capable of breaking through the kernels' hard hull. However squirrels generally pre... Read More »

How much popcorn stays unpopped?

The percent of unpopped kernels starts at 4 percent in premium brands and can be as high as 47 percent in the less expensive brands. The amount of moisture contained in each popcorn hull plays a pa... Read More »

Can birds eat unpopped popcorn?

Yes, birds can eat unpopped popcorn. In fact, birds can eat popped popcorn as well, according to the Long Beach, Calif. Health and Human Services Department. Unpopped popcorn should be boiled sligh... Read More »