Science Fair Projects on How Yeast Makes Bread Rise?

Answer Science fairs give students of all ages the opportunity to present the results of experiments conducted with the scientific method. Students must ask a question, design an experiment to test the qu... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects Involving Yeast?

People have used yeast in baking and fermenting for thousands of years. Classified as a fungus, yeast contains no chlorophyll as green plants do. So yeast cannot make its own food and must rely on ... Read More »

Why is yeast responsible for making bread rise?

According to The Cook's Thesaurus website yeast is used in the process of making a variety of products including bread, wine and beer. Bread is made using baker's yeast which has a different make u... Read More »

Why does my bread rise differently when I use the same recipes and yeast?

Simple changes in the air pressure outside. Your bread will be denser on winter or rainy days than it is on a sunny spring day. Higher changes in the air pressure push down on the rising raw dough... Read More »

Which ingredient makes bread dough rise?

In yeast bread, yeast makes the dough rise by producing carbon dioxide gas bubbles as it starts to feed on the sugar in the dough. In quick bread, or non-yeast bread, baking powder and baking soda ... Read More »