Science Fair Projects on Hair Strength?

Answer People cut, straighten, curl, color and style their hair on a daily basis, and expect their hair to hold up to the harsh treatments. Through all this, how does hair remain strong? Students find out... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects for Tensile Strength Bridges?

Tensile strength is how much force an object can support before it breaks. This is vitally important in bridges because it determines how many cars it can support at one time. Students can replicat... Read More »

Middle School Science Fair Projects on the Bending Strength of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar & Fiberglass?

The phenomenon of bending is one of the most interesting subjects in engineering. In bending, you can deform a metal and change its shape through the application of stress that is greater than the ... Read More »

Science Projects on the Strength of Concrete?

Concrete holds many important structures, such as walls, ceilings and bridges, in place. Concrete may include additional material, such as rebar, sand or gravel, to make it stronger or meet a speci... Read More »

Eggshell Strength Science Projects?

You have ever made a big breakfast, made a cake or simply taken something out of the fridge too hastily, you are well aware of how easily eggs can break. Many people are thus surprised to discover ... Read More »